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This list contains all the data sets deposited in our repository.

Number of data sets: 10
Data Setsort icon Created Metadata Public Access
Guatemalan exome SNP chip     2013-07-01BrowseNo
Kia Data Set     2013-06-27BrowseNo
Outbreak data from Smith et al Journal of the Royal Society Interface  (Public Study)     2014-02-21BrowseYes
Pedigree coalescent     2013-10-11BrowseNo
PEGASUS scripts from Nakka et al in press Genetics     2015-08-10No
Phonemic data and files from Creanza et al submitted     2013-06-29BrowseNo
pong  (Public Study)     2015-11-13BrowseYes
Ruhlen phoneme data for Creanza et al 2015 PNAS  (Public Study)     2014-10-16BrowseYes
Scripts used by Palacios et al 2015 Genetics  (Public Study)     2015-05-07BrowseYes
X and autosomal data from Ramachandran et al 2008 TPB  (Public Study)     2013-06-29BrowseYes